Wild wild west review

wild wild west review

Reviews Counted: Fresh: Rotten: Critics Consensus: Bombastic, manic, and largely laugh-free, Wild Wild West is a bizarre misfire  Rating ‎: ‎PG (for action violence, sex referen. Western action-comedy set in bordello; lots of gunfire. Read Common Sense Media's Wild Wild West review, age rating, and parents guide. '' Wild Wild West '' is hard to categorize, a quality not to be confused with originality. It begins on a James Bond note despite its post-Civil War.

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And after I kill you, I swear I'm going to boil you down for axle grease! Movie Info Special government agent James West, long on charm and wit, and special government agent Artemus Gordon, a master of disguises and a brilliant inventor of gadgets large and small, are each sent to track down the diabolical genius Dr. But what are you bringing new to the table, Jonah Hill? Wilson, Brent Maddock, Jeffrey Price and Peter S. About Our Ratings The age displayed for each title is the minimum one for which it's developmentally appropriate. You can sense the film exploiting both Smith's star image and his race, while not wishing to risk challenging either. This could have been a top notch action film with a different director and of course script, but scriptwriters to capture what was fun about the original Westerns of the 60's, and above all the TV show it was based on.

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Wild Wild West Get weekly age-based media reviews and advice. Now, amid a wave of uncommonly slapdash summer movies, the stylistic grab bag looks like the status quo, and the movie that actually makes sense is the freak occurrence. Look out for our weekly updates soon. June 17, Full Review…. A shameful waste of talent. Also, he's doing a prequel to I Am Legend , and I, Robot II. Bloodbath McGrath and Kevin Kline's tranny escapades are also staples of the time in movies where you could reach for the stars. Wilson , Jeffrey Price , Brent Maddock. Fear not my good people, these are professionals up on screen, and they blew it. Directed by Barry Sonnenfeld. The humor is perfectly subtle and dry at times, and over the top at others. As her summer blockbuster Wild Wild West is released she tells Brian Pendreigh how she fought back. This film is rated PG. Western action-comedy set in bordello; lots of gunfire. And then he lost his way. The Fresh Prince might have been Neo. Generally unfavorable reviews based on 25 Critics. While Wild Wild West goes down as a shameful example of a Western, a TV series remake, a summer blockbuster, it's the steampunk elements that scare me. Expect frocks, not facts. Sign in with Facebook Other Sign in options. It begins on a James Bond note despite its post-Civil War time sv hall, then segues into contraption-heavy science fiction and ultimately a ''Godzilla''-style battle with a mechanical monster. Now I just don't think most people were ready for this sort of movie back when it came out and maybe still aren't. From RT Users Like You! A man is suddenly shot and thrown into the water to be eaten by crabs; we later see him washed up on land with gore on the front of his shirt, slowly dying. Tsubaki Sanjuro Super Reviewer. Loise Sep 13, The Guardian back to top. Wild Wild West is a strained film that tries too hard at delivering something to the audience. War for the Planet of the Apes. Branagh's character has no body from the waist down, but operates from a clever wheelchair and, later, with mechanical legs. McGavin Michael Mirasol Jana Monji Omer M. Log in with Facebook. Arliss Loveless , Salma Hayek Rita Escobar , Ted Levine McGrath , Bai Ling Miss East , Frederique Van Der Wal Amazonia , Musetta Vander Munitia and Sofia Eng Miss Lippenreider. View All Audience Reviews. Just don't take it seriously Author: The alleged plot involves the attempts by James West Will Smith and Artemis Gordon Kevin Kline to foil an evil Confederate inventor's plan to kidnap all the world's most brilliant scientists and, ultimately, terrorize the Union and President Grant into submission. Bruce Willis was supposed to play Hannibal, one of three different rapper-turned-actors were supposed to play B. What parents and kids say See all user reviews Share your thoughts with other parents and kids Write a user review.


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